Tuesday, August 12, 2008


As the details about a memorial service for the late Isaac Hayes are being finalized, we ask that if you would like to stay updated, please visit and sign up for our e-news service. Simply click on the e-news icon on the right side of the main page and enter your name, email address, and postal code.

Will do not bombard our e-news suscribers with constant emails, but this is a way for you to be contacted with the latest news in the most efficient way. When the details of the memorial service are released, we will send you the information.

Thanks, and in the meantime, please enjoy the wonderful photograph above of our dear, dear friend and colleague, Isaac, taken in March this year by Andrea Zucker.


newton collier said...

Thanks for the great ideas and musicianship.

Anonymous said...

I thank you, Tim, and everyone at Stax trying to keep us posted on the service. I visited Stax in May on my first visit to Memphis. I'm 50. What you guys do there, in memory of all that has gone before, really hit me, like a reawakening to all the music and artistry that I grew up with. We were rushed by plane tickets and all, but I could have spent all day there, and I will be coming back. And now losing Isaac, it's so much more than seeing another artist pass from the scene. It was like losing an older cousin who let you hang with him as a kid and showed you things when you got together. His music meant sooooo much to soooo many; I know it meant a lot to me. We should all be so thankful that God sent him this way. May His blessing always be with Isaac's family and those he loved. -mike e.

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